UK GME Uber Transportation Program

*Available for UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital

As of January 18, 2021, the cab/taxi reimbursement system was replaced with Uber Transportation Program.

The purpose of this program is to ensure Residents & Fellows have a safe transportation option if they are too fatigued to return home safely. 

Note to Residents & Fellows:

  • This service is not to be used recreationally or for convenience. This service is meant to be used when Residents/Fellows are too fatigued and do not feel it is safe to operate a vehicle.
  • This service is only to be used from UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital. At this time, UK GME Uber service does not apply to affiliate hospitals.
    • GME Uber services maybe be used to retrieve automobile the next day.
  • UK GME Uber service is provided free of charge to University of Kentucky Residents/Fellows. This service will be monitored closely to ensure overuse/abuse doesn’t occur.

Please note, you must set up a UK GME Uber account to use these services. The UK GME Uber account is a business account, which is different from a personal Uber account. All Lexington campus Residents and Fellows receive an Uber email invitation to set up an account when they begin training at UK. If you didn’t receive a UK GME Uber account access email and you are a Lexington campus Resident/Fellow, please email

 If you have any questions, please email .

Uber Privacy Notice