Uber Services

GME is no longer offering a cab/taxi reimbursement system. It has been replaced with Uber Business Transportation Services. The sole purpose of this program is to ensure Residents & Fellows have a safe transportation option if they are too fatigued to return home safely.

Please Note:
  • This service is not to be used recreationally or to avoid UK Parking frustrations. This service is meant to be used when Residents/Fellows are too fatigued and don't feel it is safe to operate a vehicle.
  • This service is only to be used from UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital. UK GME Uber Service does not apply to affiliate hospitals.
  • UK GME Uber Service is provided free of charge to University of Kentucky Residents/Fellows. However, this service will be closely monitored to ensure overuse/abuse doesn’t occur.
  • If UK GME Uber Service is misused repayment will be required.

To be enrolled, you must sign-up for UK GME Uber Business Account. EThis enrollment is required to utilize UK GME Uber Services. There is no charge associated with this enrollment. For questions, please contact Erika Howe in the GME Office at Erika.Howe@uky.edu .