GME Administration

Dr. Katie McKinney, MD, MS
Senior Associate Dean/ DIO


Institutional Accreditation
Program Accreditation
GME Research
Institutional Outcomes
NRMP Official
Resident and Fellow Concerns

(859) 218-5273

JoLynn Noe, MS

 Institutional Accreditation
Program Accreditation
GME Office Administration
GME Budget 

(859) 218-5274

Dr. Angela Dearinger
Assistant Dean for Accreditation

Institutional Accreditation
Program Review
Faculty Development

(859) 562-2272

Dr. Amy DiLorenzo
Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Scholarship

Educational Innovations
Faculty Development

(859) 218-0084

Dr. Danny Moore
Assistant Dean for Program Evaluation

Program Review
Annual Evaluation Process

(859) 323-5867

Dr. Melissa Newcomb
Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation


Trainee Assessment

Evaluation Approaches

Dr. Asha Shenoi, MD, FAAP
Assistant Dean for Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Diversity and Inclusion

 (859) 323-1305

Winnie Commare
Administrative Support

GME Administrative Support
Support to GME Senior Associate Dean/DIO, GME Assistant Deans, and GME Director
Orientation Planning
Call Room Concerns

Phone:  (859) 323-2636

Melynda Burke

 Visa Application Oversight
Training Verifications
Trainee Onboarding/Credentialing
ECFMG Liaison

(859) 323-5003

Tiffany Duncan
Assistant Registrar

 Student Loan Deferments
Training Verifications
Trainee Onboarding/Credentialing
Exiting and Clearance

(859) 218-1478

Brooke Kelley, MHRM
Budget Officer

Resident Fellow Payroll/Benefits
GME Accounts Payable
GME Accounts Receivable 

(859) 323-5240

Erika Howe
Benefits Coordinator

Resident Fellow Payroll/Benefits
Resident Fellow Reimbursements
Leaves of Absence

(859) 562-3009

Sarah Gan
Accreditation Manager


Accreditation Data
Accreditation Compliance and Monitoring
ACGME Site Visit Coordination
New Program Application Coordination

(440) 539-9611

Danielle Middleton
Accreditation Coordinator

Accreditation Data Monitoring
New Program Development Monitoring
Accreditation Data Improvement and Innovation

(859) 562-0885

TJ Pettrey
Special Projects Coordinator

Program Coordinator Float
GME Special Projects Management

 (859) 323-7058

Todd Peurach
Data Quality Manager


GME Reporting

Accreditation / Data Dashboards

GME Data Manager

(859) 323-5873 

Aimee Cox
Affiliate Coordinator

Program Affiliation Agreements
Educational Site Agreements
Visiting Rotators

(859) 562-3019 

Elizabeth Biggs
Credentialing Coordinator

Medicaid/Medicare Liaison
Medical Licensure/ DEA Contact
Advanced Life Support Compliance
Certificate of Insurance
Moonlighting Approvals

 (859) 323-8240


Sarah Steen
Institutional Coordinator

MedHub System Oversight
Program Coordinator Training/Development

(859) 323-9815