Observers are not handled through the GME office. Hospital Policy A01-090, which can be found on the UK intranet, addresses the requirements and processing of observer appointments.

An overview of some of the specifics contained in the policy:

  • An observer may not touch any patient, may not give directives to any patient or medical staff member, or interact in any way with any patient or health care professional to impede or modify their practice.
  • Patients have the right to refuse the presence of an observer.
  • Each observer must be sponsored by a medical center department, and that observer must be accompanied by a medical center staff member at all times.
  • With the application initiated by the department through Voluntary Service, the individual must provide proof that he/she has met the hospital and medical center requirements for TB screening, MMR and varicella. (Please be aware that the TB screening must have been done within the last six months.)
  • The sponsoring department is responsible for assuring that the observer is oriented to hospital procedures, including infection control, safety training, patients' rights, confidentiality of patient information, HIPAA, personal conduct standards (such as regulations pertaining to sexual harassment), and he/she must be provided a copy of the behavioral standards and sign the form that says he/she received a copy and will abide by them.
  • Each observer must have an ID badge, which will display his/her name, the word "observer" and the name of the sponsoring department. No degrees, classifications, or other information will be printed on the badge. The cost of the badge will be borne by either the observer or the sponsoring department.