GME Administration

Katie McKinney, MD, MS
Senior Associate Dean/ DIO


Institutional Accreditation
Program Accreditation
GME Research
Institutional Outcomes
NRMP Official
Resident and Fellow Concerns

(859) 218-5273

JoLynn Noe, MS

 Institutional Accreditation
Program Accreditation
GME Office Administration
GME Budget 

(859) 218-5274

Dr. Angela Dearinger
Assistant Dean for Accreditation

Institutional Accreditation
Program Review
Faculty Development

(859) 562-2272

Amy DiLorenzo
Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Scholarship

Educational Innovations
Faculty Development

(859) 218-0084

Asha Shenoi, MD, FAAP
Assistant Dean for Learning Environment

Learning Environment

 (859) 323-1305

Madison Meacham
Administrative Support

GME Administrative Support
Support to GME Assistant Deans and GME Director
Orientation Planning
Call Room Concerns

Phone: (859) 323-1011

Elizabeth Biggs
Administrative Support

GME Administrative Support
Support to GME Associate Dean 

Phone:  (859) 323-2636

Melynda Burke

 Visa Application Oversight
Training Verifications
Trainee Onboarding/Credentialing
ECFMG Liaison

(859) 323-5003

Tiffany Duncan
Assistant Registrar

 Student Loan Deferments
Training Verifications
Trainee Onboarding/Credentialing
Exiting and Clearance

(859) 218-1478

Brooke Kelley, MHRM
Budget Officer

Resident Fellow Payroll/Benefits
GME Accounts Payable
GME Accounts Receivable 

(859) 323-5240

Erika Howe
Benefits Coordinator

Resident Fellow Payroll/Benefits
Resident Fellow Reimbursements
Leaves of Absence

(859) 562-3009

Sarah Gan
Accreditation Manager


Accreditation Data
Accreditation Compliance and Monitoring
ACGME Site Visit Coordination
New Program Application Coordination

(859) 323-5872

TJ Pettrey
Special Projects Coordinator

Program Coordinator Float
GME Special Projects Management

 (859) 323-7058

Todd Peurach
Data Quality Manager


GME Reporting

Accreditation / Data Dashboards

GME Data Manager

(859) 323-5873 

Morgan Edwards
Affiliate Coordinator


Program Affiliation Agreements
Educational Site Agreements
Visiting Rotators

(859) 562-3019 

Perry Snowden
Credentialing Coordinator

Medicaid/Medicare Liaison
Medical Licensure/ DEA Contact
Advanced Life Support Compliance
Certificate of Insurance
Moonlighting Approvals

 (859) 323-8240


Sarah Steen
Institutional Coordinator

MedHub System Oversight
Program Coordinator Training/Development

(859) 323-9815