Current Residents & Fellows

The GME Office staff is here to help you through your training.  The GME office is responsible for coordinating with each department regarding all administrative aspects involving house staff from the time of appointment until the completion of training.

Taxi eVoucher

There is an on-line process for you to be able to access a taxi ride from the hospital to home, should you feel you are too fatigued to drive safely.  A ride back to UK is also available.  Use your UK login to initiate a voucher.  Once you have initiated the voucher, you will print and call the cab company (contact information prints on voucher) to arrange for pick up to take you home.  Use the same contact information to call the taxi for a return trip within 48 hours of the initial trip.  You must have a printed voucher to hand to the taxi driver with each trip. 

Please be aware that this is not to be used as transportation from home to your training site every day, or personal trips such as visits to the airport or to the mall.  This is only for use to get home when you are too fatigued to drive, and then to allow for the return trip.

Taxi URL: